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Medical Beds

Hill-Rom medical beds offer clinical features and benefits for various patient illnesses and conditions. We have simplified our product selection based on your condition and need.

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    • CareAssist® ES Bed The CareAssist® bed provides easy-to-use features intended to help manage safety, comfort, and positioning.
    • Advanta™ 2 Bed The Advanta™ 2 Bed provides the features and usability you and your loved one need to easily manage care. With intuitive controls, a wide range of positioning options, and a full suite of safety features, Advanta™ 2 Bed provides robust and convenient care for mild to complex medical conditions. 
    • VersaCare® Bed The VersaCare® bed enables quality of care via advanced solutions that support safety, mobilization, and skin care.
    • TotalCare SpO2RT® 2 Bed The TotalCare SpO2RT® 2 Bed has advanced features to support individuals who have limited mobility or are completely immobile.
    • Progressa® Bed System Much more than a bed, Progressa provides added therapy for your loved one who needs it most. Designed to help treat severe and complex medical conditions, the vast feature set of Progressa works to treat complications arising from prolonged immobility. If you’re loved one is at risk of pulmonary issues, skin breakdown, or other serious conditions, Progressa is some of the best care Hill-Rom has to offer.
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