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Likorall® 242 S Overhead Lift

Meeting a variety of lifting needs

An overhead lift system makes it possible to lift and transfer the patient with as little effort and as much safety as possible, regardless of the furniture and other obstacles in the room. An overhead lift is always on hand, and is simple and safe to use for the patient as well as the caregiver.

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Product Features

The motor’s 200cm (79") lifting interval handles lifts from the floor in most environments, and the system can be equipped with a special carriage for easy room-to-room transfers. Simple wall charging via hand control adds to its convenience appeal.

Speed Limiter

Patented safety drum with speed limiter.

Planned Transfers

Can be equipped with a special carriage for planned transfers between different rooms.

Lifting Interval

Lifting interval 200cm (80") – handles lifts from the floor in most environments.


Simple wall charging via hand control or, alternatively, charging from the ceiling rail.

Emergency Lowering

Electrical and mechanical emergency lowering.

Technical Specifications

Maximum load: 200kg (440lbs)

Batteries: 2 x 12 V (2.4 Ah - 2.6 Ah). Valve-regulated lead-acid gel-type batterie. New batteries are provided by the supplier.

Battery charger
SMP CC-10-43-24; 100-240 V AC, 40-60 Hz, max 600 mA
IRC (In-Rail-Charging): CH01 FW7218M/24; 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, max 500 mA

Lifting speed: 50 mm/sec (2 inch/sec)

Lifting interval: 2050mm (80.7"), vertically adjustable

Electrical data: 24 V, 12 A

Lift motor weight: 13.0kg (28.6lbs)

Emergency lowering device: Mechanical

Intermittent operation: Int. Op 10/90, active operation max 0.5 min.

Sound level: 49 dB

Protection class: IP 43

Protection class hand control: IP 43

Operating forces of controls: 5 N

Ambient temperature: Min. + 10°C - Max. +40°C (Min. 50°F - Max. 104°F)

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