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Original HighBack Sling & Soft Original HighBack Sling

    Comfortable whole-body lifting support

    The Original HighBack Sling, model 200/210, and the Soft Original Highback Sling, model 26, are Hill-Rom’s most popular slings. Both models provide comfortable, whole-body support suitable for most patients.

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    Product Features

    The sling design offers a reclined sitting posture for patients with poor head and trunk stability.Model 26 is an advanced development of model 200/210 and features a pliable “soft plate” for the soft, comfortable support recommended when lifting from the recumbent position.

    Both models have separated leg supports to ensure that the patient does not sit on the sling after use. Instead, the sling is easily removed after the transfer. Both the 200/210 and 26 models are recommended for lifting to and from the floor.

    Different Sizes

    Models 200/210 and 26 come in seven different sizes (XS - XXL). The design allows easy lifting, when fitted correctly it adapts itself to the patient without any individual adjustments. It is important to choose the correct size to achieve the highest level of comfort. Note that, the size small is for children, while medium-slim fits slender adults.


    Soft Original HighBack Sling, model 26, is made of durable polyester, making it easy to apply and remove. Since the sling is normally not left in the chair/bed after completed transfer, we usually recommend the Soft Original HighBack Sling. Children’s sizes XS-S are made of teddy-patterned, knitted polyester.

    Original HighBack Sling, model 200/210, is available in several fabrics other than polyester - net polyester for those who leave the sling in the chair after completed transfer and desire an alternative that allows for more air flow. For bathing and showering, a version in plasticized net fabric lets the water run through and can be wiped dry.

    Select Leg Supports According to Needs

    Soft Original HighBack Sling, model 26, is equipped with reinforced leg supports which provides comfort, distributes the pressure and prevents the leg supports from creasing under the thighs. Original HighBack Sling, model 200/210, is available with leg supports in several different designs:

    • Fabric leg supports without reinforcement make the sling more pliable and easy to care for.
    • Soft-padded leg supports (synthetic sheepskin) for especially pressure-sensitive patients.


    Before lifting, keep the following points in mind:

    • Original HighBack Sling, model 200/210, is available in many standard versions as well as other versions that can be specially ordered.
    • Size Small is for children, while Medium-Slim fits slim adults.


    Technical Specifications

    Model: 200/210 and 26

    Size: XS, S, MS, M, L, XL, XXL




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