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SupportVest™ Lift Aid

Comfortable, padded sit-to-stand support

Liko® SupportVest™ is used with Sabina® sit-to-stand lift. The SupportVest is a comfortable sling which lifts behind the back and under the arms. It is easy to use and requires only minimal individual adjustment.

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Product Features

SupportVest's soft padding distributes pressure evenly and comfortably. The belt holds the SupportVest in place around the body during the initial stage of raising.

Liko SupportVest is available in different sizes and is used in combination with Sabina® sit-to-stand lift with the narrow sling bar 35 cm (14").

Important Considerations

  • The belt does not lift; it holds the vest in place at the start of raising. If the belt is tightened during or after raising, you must remember to loosen it during the lowering.
  • SupportVest often works well even without the padding.



As an alternative to the SupportVest, we recommend either Liko SafetyVest™ or Liko ComfortVest™. For the ComfortVest, Sabina with Comfort SlingBar (wide) is used and the patient’s arms are held inside the vest.


  • Extension belt to the waist belt
  • Extra padding 
  • SeatStrap
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